Syrup Swimwear

Exclusive Collection by Aaron Fust

A Los Angeles based line that merges exclusivity with world-class design; Syrup Swimwear brings European influence to America’s pool scene.

From our recent article“L.A. Design, Global Style” on by Korrie Martinez.

Syrup Swimwear maintains its standard of fine fabrics and trims, nickel and lead-free jewelry grade hardware, and a fit that is worked and reworked to perfection. Designs are manufactured individually or in small batches to avoid those dreaded b*tch stole my look moments and allow Fust to create custom designs for his top clients. Found in high-end resorts along the west coast, and available now in the shop, Syrup Swimwear is making a name for itself among today’s It girls and trendsetters.

To find out more about the man behind the bikinis, read our exclusive interview with Aaron Fust below.

What is the meaning behind the Syrup name? I wanted one word that reflects feminine and sexy. Every girl likes the sweetness of Syrup and like every woman the name Syrup has a little sexy side to it as well.

How would you describe the Syrup girl? The Syrup girl has a well-developed sense of style and fashion. She is one that demands both a fashionable and functional garment. The Syrup girl appreciates paying for quality and value. Most of all, the Syrup girl knows that whether she is going for a simple understated look or runway glam, she always wants to look her very best in a bikini.

How does the Syrup brand stand out against other swimwear? I like to create designs that are eye catching without being overbearing or garish. I love to combine design elements… prints, colors, textures, and trims in unusual ways. Every time I come out with a new cut, or even when I make a trim or textile change, I adjust each pattern to maintain a consistent and perfect fit. It is a tremendous amount of work refining the design, but I think my customers really appreciate a perfectly fitting bikini.

Which 2014 swim trend is your favorite? I think the American consumer is starting to realize that smaller cuts are slimming. Europe and South America figured out a long time ago that smaller cuts aren’t more revealing [but] are like wearing black. Somehow they create a slimming effect.

Where is the best beach in the world? I must say that I love the beaches in Spain. Uruguay is great in January, the Whitsundays in Australia are amazing, and I recently fell in love with Oahu while shooting the spring 2014 collection.

What are your top beach essentials? A pareo is so versatile it’s your number one must have. You can use it as a towel, a shade, a dress, a bag or even a turban! It’s such a great beach item you should never go without one. And a bottle of water—you must stay hydrated.